How We Can Help with Incentive Trips

- Support for Meetings and Incentive Tours in Yokohama -

Meetings and incentive trips to Yokohama are a tremendously effective way to motivate and reward your employees and sales teams. Yokohama Convention & Visitors Bureau provides extensive support to help companies make the very most of their meeting and incentive programs.

Reward program

Support is available for companies based outside Japan through YCVB’s reward program - Yokohama M&I Support Plan - for meeting and incentive trips that include stays of more than 50 person-nights in Yokohama. (Conditions subject to change). Contact the bureau for additional details.

Our support includes:
-Charter-bus services to and from the airport.
-Entertainment, including traditional music, Japanese “taiko” drumming, ninja performances.
-Souvenirs for participants.
-Coordination of site inspections for decision-makers.

YCVB can provide the following operational support:
- Assistance in preparing proposal kits and presentation materials.
-Coordination of inspections of prospective sites.

Introductions to Suppliers

We can introduce event organizers to local providers of venues for meetings and awards ceremonies, accommodation, travel services, on-site operational support and others.


The bureau can suggest ideas and make introductions for traditional and contemporary entertainment for your event.

Useful Materials

YCVB can provide organizers with digital photographic data and other information needed to produce the materials required for your event, as well as supplying maps of Yokohama, and other items that will make your event memorable.

Tourism Recommendations

We can provide detailed information about tourist sights in and around the city that will be of particular interest to your attendees, including suggestions for tours before and after your event.