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【Update 06/11/2021】press release: Yokohama Unveils New Promotional Videos for Hybrid Conferences

The Yokohama Visitors and Convention Bureau (YCVB) has created an attractive new set of promotional videos for conference organizers and participants. The goal of these videos is to illustrate why that has become the case. They present the appeal of the city as a meeting destination, and thus, further YCVB’s goal of increasing the number of conferences held as well as the number of conference participants. Due to the pandemic, conference organizers cannot currently visit in person. In the making of these videos, this was taken into account, as well as the number of conferences presently being held in a hybrid format. One of the videos takes viewers on a unique, interactive 360° tour, providing a realistic experience of exploring this beautiful city. The videos highlight the charms of the harbor combined with abundant greenspace which gives Yokohama an invigorating atmosphere.

URL https://business.yokohamajapan.com/media/en/news/press/

Updated:06/11 04:22pm