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Frequently asked questions

Please refer to below for the answers to the frequently asked questions.

About the brochure

Where can I get a copy of the sightseeing map or guide.
A convenient folding map and guidebook, “Yokohama Visitors Guide” can by acquired at Tourist Information Centers. Or please download from here.

About business events to be held in Yokohama

What kind of services can YCVB offer for business event organizers?
A support menu for organizers is available. Please click here for details.
Where can I find information on ideal venues for conferences, meetings, exhibitions, etc?
Please check the website for the business events.
Are there any venues for social gatherings and receptions?
Please check here for the list of the unique reception venues in Yokohama.
Where can I find information on accommodation such as hotels or inns?
Please check “Where to Stay” of Yokohama Visitors Guide for suggestions.
Are there any maps or coupons of Yokohama that can be distributed during the conferences or events?
Yes, please check here for the types of publications.

Yokohama photo library

Where can I get a picture of Yokohama?
You can register through Yokohama Photo Library. Please check the terms and conditions from here.

Yokohama Promotion Videos

Is there a video about Yokohama?
Please check here for a list of the videos.


Yokohama City Visitors Bureau
1F Sangyo Boeki Center, 2 Yamashita-cho, Naka-ku, Yokohama, Japan