Destination Yokohama:
Japan's hub for exchange

An introduction to Yokohama as the “First Port of Call” for meeting planners.

Find out about Yokohama’s basics and reasons why Yokohama should be your next convention destination.

Why Yokohama

Since Japan opened its doors to the world, Yokohama has been the nation’s key entry point for international trade and communications, bringing global perspectives, new ideas and multi-culturalism. The port city has always been recognized for being open to business and to an exchange of expertise through international trade and conventions.

Fresh breezes and refreshing ideas are integral to Yokohama being the nation’s center for innovation in science and technology. Major universities, medical and scientific research centers based here will contribute to the success of global conferences.

Welcome to Japan’s First Port of Call.

Explore Yokohama Virtually

Virtual Yokohama allows you to casually visit MICE facilities and tourist attractions on a scaled-down illustrated map of Yokohama by using the vast library of 360° panoramic videos and photos.

Come and experience “Virtual Yokohama.” We invite you to discover and explore the ideal MICE city from the comfort of your home or workplace when an in-person visit is difficult.

Be Sustainable

In 2018, Yokohama set its Zero Carbon Yokohama goal to decarbonize the city by 2050. Citizens, businesses, and all other stakeholders in the city share the global sense of urgency concerning this issue and are actively promoting practical initiatives in order to achieve the Zero Carbon Yokohama goal. In addition, Yokohama aims to continue creating new value and vitality through the economy, culture, and the arts, with the environment at the core of all endeavors.

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Tools & Resources

The Yokohama Convention & Visitors Bureau provides a comprehensive range of
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Photo Library

High-resolution digital images for the use of media and travel trade professionals promoting Yokohama as a tourist destination.


A series of promotional videos available for the use of media and travel trade professionals promoting Yokohama as a tourist destination.

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Printed materials, maps & guides, meeting planners guide, and more available for the use of media and travel trade professionals.