Destination Yokohama:
Your First Port of Call in Japan and the Gateway to Asia

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Why Yokohama

Yokohama is a uniquely forward-thinking and international Japanese city, thanks in part to its history as the first port in Japan to open up to the world, over 160 years ago. But since then, the people of Yokohama have been the driving force behind this development as they welcome global perspectives, promote new ideas, and bring together many diverse cultures. This is our legacy—one that every conference, convention, and event becomes part of.

At the heart of Yokohama is a picturesque port that symbolizes what we value: international exchange, sustainable urban development, and a relaxed quality of life. The city’s refreshing harbor breeze brings with it fresh ideas, which have made Yokohama a hub of innovation and culture that is home to major universities, R&D centers, Japanese-company headquarters, museums, and art centers. Join us and discover how Yokohama’s unique culture can add real value to your event.

Welcome to Japan’s First Port of Call.

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Virtual Yokohama allows you to tour venues and tourist attractions on a scaled-down illustrated map of Yokohama using a vast library of panoramic videos and photos with 360-degree images.

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Go beyond Words
—Be Sustainable

In 2018, Yokohama set its Zero Carbon Yokohama goal of reducing greenhouse-gas emissions in the city by 2050. Citizens, businesses, and all other stakeholders in the city share the global sense of urgency surrounding this issue and actively promote practical initiatives in order to achieve the Zero Carbon Yokohama goal. We don’t just make promises; we take action!

More on our goals, sustainable activities, and legacy programs.

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