About YCVB

About the Yokohama City Visitors Bureau

With a passion for international exchange and exemplary Japanese hospitality, Yokohama City Visitors Bureau is a nonprofit organization funded primarily by the City of Yokohama. We take pride in providing comprehensive, customized support for any organization planning a convention, exhibition, incentive tour, or other event in the highly acclaimed destination city of Yokohama.

From the very first stage of planning, our experienced staff are available to provide all the support and advice that your organization needs to make your event a complete success. More than that, we want your event in Japan to be unique and reflect the values of Yokohama, a city at the forefront of sustainable urban planning.

Our staff have expert knowledge of the city and the local culture, and we work closely with a range of partners throughout Yokohama to deliver unforgettable events and to build a lasting legacy in Japan. YCVB has also been a member of the International Congress and Convention Association (ICCA) since 1996, drawing on and contributing to the global community and the knowledge hub for the meetings industry as a whole.

So, what kind of city is Yokohama? Long recognized as the historical gateway to Japan and Asia with a legacy in international exchange, Yokohama is in a strong position to become one of the leading meeting and convention destinations in all of Asia. We look forward to introducing you and your colleagues to the unique culture, sights, and experiences that make Yokohama the perfect city for your event.

What We Can Do

YCVB offers a complete support package as part of our core service.
Our goal is not just to enhance the satisfaction of organizers and delegates,
but to create a synergy between your event and our city, which we can do in the following ways.


  • Assisting with drawing up a custom bid

  • Obtaining letters of support from leaders of local government and industry

  • Arranging financial support for international conferences (conditions apply)

  • Helping to select the most appropriate venues and accommodation

  • Support for the bid presentation, including dispatching staff overseas to assist with presentations and distributing promotional materials.

  • Supporting the bid presentation, including distributing promotional materials and dispatching our staff overseas to assist with presentations

  • Providing support for site inspections, including financial support

Planning your
event in Yokohama

  • OObtaining competitive quotes for venues, accommodation, catering, and entertainment; and assisting with bookings

  • Coordinating inspections of venues, hotels, and local attractions

  • Introducing a professional congress organizer or destination management company, if requested

  • Liaising with more than 500 companies providing local services

Promoting your event

  • Delivering promotional material, including city maps, relevant tourism brochures, online resources, and giveaway items

  • Promoting the event with a display at your organization’s previous conference

Available Support

  • Assisting with your event website

  • Providing multilingual support throughout your event

  • Providing complimentary visitor guides for delegates

  • Setting up visitor information booths staffed by local volunteers