Be Sustainable

YOKOHAMA blue, green and much more in between

blue, green and much more in between

A place where humans and nature coexist, Yokohama is a sustainable city known for its clean air, calm blue waters, and lush greenery. In this port city, the bay has long been an integral part of the landscape and an indispensable resource that is treasured by residents. On top of all that, Yokohama is distinguished by its expansive Western- and Japanese-style parks, idyllic botanical gardens, and magnificent green spaces. Locals have worked assiduously to preserve this greenery while continuing the development of the city for visitors to enjoy. It is a charming destination for wandering around and appreciating the benefits of urban nature. “Respect” is the key word in Yokohama—not only for the green and blue spaces but also for people. This is an open-minded and sophisticated city that welcomes diversity.

Real Action for
Real Sustainability

In 2018, Yokohama set its Zero Carbon Yokohama goal to reduce greenhouse-gas emissions in the city by 2050. Citizens, businesses, and all other stakeholders in the city share the global sense of urgency concerning this issue and are actively promoting practical initiatives in order to achieve the Zero Carbon Yokohama goal. We don’t just make promises; we take action!
Yokohama continues to create new value and vitality through its economy, culture, and arts, with the environment at the core of all its endeavors. In its management of international conferences and events in the city, YCVB is dedicated to introducing various initiatives that promote sustainability.