Why Yokohama

Welcome to Yokohama,
Japan’s First Port of Call and Your Gateway to Asia

Yokohama has always been at the forefront of international exchange in modern Japan, and with every successful convention, conference, and event held here, we get closer to our goal of being not only Japan’s leading convention city but also the world’s hub for building connections in Asia.

Yokohama is the location of choice for hundreds of internationally minded companies and is a hub of academia and research. Organizations and businesses choose to be based in Yokohama because it is a place where ideas come together, meaningful connections are forged, and innovation is part of the everyday.

Historically, Yokohama was the city that opened Japan to the world. This is our legacy—one we want you to be part of. While it has evolved into a leading metropolis, Yokohama today retains an identity all its own, and with the Pacific Ocean just outside its harbor and green spaces built into the fabric of its urban design, it is a city we are proud to share with you.

New to Yokohama? Read our handy, sharable guide to what makes Yokohama special, and all you need to get the most out of the city.

Eight Reasons to Choose Yokohama

More than 34 million tourists visit the city every year, and we have hosted numerous world-class sporting, entertainment, and global leadership events. Our signature venue, PACIFICO Yokohama, is one of the largest convention complexes in the world and is Japan’s most popular venue as indicated by the number of international conferences held here. Around 1,000 events in total take place at PACIFICO each year. Here are eight reasons why organizers of events large and small have made Yokohama their choice—and why it should be yours.

Go beyond Words—Be Sustainable

In 2018, Yokohama set its Zero Carbon Yokohama goal to reduce greenhouse-gas emissions in the city by 2050. We have already reached smaller milestones on that journey, but citizens, businesses, and stakeholders in the city share the global sense of urgency surrounding this issue. As a city built with an emphasis on the environment, featuring a Blue & Green urban design, this is an issue close to our hearts, and all events held in our city have a synergistic effect, building the momentum for environmental change. Learn more about our sustainability pledge and sustainable activities in the city.

Yokohama Connected

Yokohama is connected to the world via two major international airports within easy reach of the city: Tokyo International Airport (Haneda Airport) and Narita International Airport. Together, they connect the city to over 90 major cities across the world with almost 2,000 international flights per week. Yokohama is also connected to the rest of Japan, with Tokyo just a short train ride away and Osaka accessible by direct high-speed train—and of course the city has an excellent public-transportation system, which delegates can choose if they want to reduce their carbon footprint. Discover more, and plan your route.

Success Stories

Countless international conferences, conventions, and events are held every year in Yokohama. We have collected interviews and reports from a selection of organizers to learn how Yokohama added value to their delegates’ experience and overall legacy. In the spirit of transparency, we encouraged them to be open about the challenges they faced at the time and to let us know how we can work together to make Yokohama a leading convention city. Read their stories as written in their own words.