Why Yokohama

In the space of 160 years, Yokohama has been transformed from a sleepy hamlet to Japan’s leading convention city.
The gateway to Japan when the nation opened up to the outside world, Yokohama swiftly became the hub of the nation’s commerce, but also the center of Japan’s cross-border ties of culture and friendship.
Today, while it has evolved into a leading metropolis, Yokohama retains an easy-going atmosphere that is unique in Japan. Less congested than other cities, it enjoys breezes off the Pacific Ocean and visitors can experience its unrivaled outdoor way of life.

Yokohama is the location of choice for hundreds of internationally minded companies and is a hub of academia and research. Organizations and businesses choose to be based in Yokohama because it is a place where ideas come together, where alliances can be forged and where the innovative is every day.
Those same attributes have made this city the ideal location for global conferences.

Top 8 Reasons

Getting to Yokohama from anywhere in the world is easy from two major international airports, Tokyo International Airport (Haneda), and Narita International Airport. In addition, Yokohama is a perfect base for traveling within Japan. Located in the center of Japan’s main island,
Yokohama is a convenient gateway to other cities, like Tokyo, Kamakura, Mt Fuji, and Kyoto for more than 34 million yearly tourist visitors to this city.

Be Sustainable

In 2018, Yokohama set its Zero Carbon Yokohama goal to decarbonize the city by 2050. Citizens, businesses, and all other stakeholders in the city share the global sense of urgency concerning this issue and are actively promoting practical initiatives in order to achieve the Zero Carbon Yokohama goal. In addition, Yokohama aims to continue creating new value and vitality through the economy, culture, and the arts, with the environment at the core of all endeavors.

Overview of Yokohama

Yokohama is easily accessible from anywhere in the world thanks to the close proximity of two international airports.Tokyo International Airport at Haneda and Narita International Airport, east of Tokyo, together handle more than 2,500 international flights with more than 80 airlines every week, meeting the needs of travelers from 111 cities in 44 nations.

Success Stories

The 8th Asian Congress of Dietetics was held August 19–21, 2022, at PACIFICO Yokohama. This conference articulated the vision of a healthier society sustainable in Asia, and in the world beyond. Led by Organizing Committee of the 8th Asian Congress of Dietetics and The Japan Dietetic Association, the conference gathered 1,137 participants from 17 countries around Asia.