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New developments

As a global city, we know how important it is that Yokohama continues to grow, to evolve and to build on the world-class facilities, accommodation and attractions that it already enjoys. To augment the existing convention and exhibition spaces, hotels, entertainment options, cultural and historic sights, the city is working hard to deliver yet more options that meet visitors’ needs.

Here is a list and a map of the future openings, renovations and works in Yokohama.
It has been curated by the Yokohama Convention & Visitors Bureau based on the press announcements. Please be aware that the information may vary due to circumstances. (As of December 2019)

New Development MAP

New Development MAP

(only for Media & Travel Trade Professionals)

The Map of Yokohama with the locations and a list of the future openings, renovations and works in Yokohama.(As of September 2019) If you wish to download the Map(not editable), please contact Yokohama Convention & Visitors Bureau via email with the required information below.

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Mar.Entertainment Facility "ASOBUILD"
The building houses an interactive content (VR, workshps), restaurants, and a club space.
Floor area: 11,900 m2, 4 floors, basement, roof top
Apr.S/PARK (Shiseido Global Innovation Center)
The R&D center for Shiseido, the cosmetics company, with museum, café, and gym.
Site area: 7,023 m2, Floor area: 57,000 m2, 14 floors, 2 basement floors
Apr.Daikoku Pier International Passenger Terminal
An international passenger terminal for large cruise ships located at a foot of Yokohama Bay Bridge.
Jul.Yokohama Anpanman Children's Museum
An interactive museum to experience the world of superhero anime series double in size and relocated.
Site area: 5,650 m2, Floor area:14,000 m2, 3 floors, basement
Sep.BRANCH Yokohama South Market
A fish and produce market, restaurants, and an interactive facility.
Site area: 35,000 m2, 2 floors
Sep.APA Hotel & Resort Yokohama Bay Tower
A hotel, open-air hot springs, pool, gym, a banquet hall (capacity of 600 persons), and five restaurants and cafes.
Site area: 8,328 m2, 35 floors, 2 basement floors, Hotel: 2,311 rooms
Sep.Keikyu Group Head Office Building (relocation from Tokyo)
The headquarters of Keikyu, the railway company, with the museum.
Floor area: 25,850 m2, 18 floors, basement
Oct.YOKOHAMA HAMMERHEAD/Shinko Pier Cruise Terminal
An international passenger terminal, hotel (InterContinental Yokohama Pier 8), restaurants, shops, and a park.
Site area: 17,400 m2, Floor area: 30,290 m2, 5 floors, Hotel: 200 rooms
Nov.Hazawa Yokohama-Kokudai Station (Sotetsu JR Link Line)
A link line between Sotetsu and JR East Line with a new railway station.
Connecting line (approx. 2.7 km)


Feb.The Tower Yokohama Kitanaka/Oakwood Suites Yokohama
Condominiums, commercial facilities, serviced apartments, and a reproduction of a historical Yokohama building.
Site area: 13,135 m2, Floor area: 168,225 m2, 58 floors, 1,176 condominiumsm, Oakwood Suites Yokohama: 175 rooms
An office building that houses a Sony subsidiary, a major camera development center.
Site area: 13,500 m2, Floor area: 102,000 m2, 19 floors
Mar.Yokohama Stadium (expansion)
An expansion of the stadium to a total of 35,000 seats including an all-access deck, restaurants, and shops.
35,000 seats
Mar.Hotel WBF Yokohama Sakuragicho
First hotel in Yokohama of the nationwide WBF brand.
Site area: 920 m2, Floor area: 8408 m2, 14 floors, Hotel: 263 rooms
Mar.KT Zepp Yokohama
A building which houses a live music hall, Tokyu REI Hotel(Apr.), and headquarters of Koei Tecmo Games.
Floor area: 36,700 m2, 15 floors, basement, Hall: 2,000 people standing, Hotel: 230 rooms
A large multi-purpose hall next to PACIFICO Yokohama with 42 meeting rooms to house a conference of up to 6,000 persons.
Floor area: 47,000 m2, Multi-purpose hall: 6,300 m2, Meeting rooms(total floor space): 6,185 m2
A concert arena with the seating capacity of 10,000. Also capable of hosting sporting events, with restaurants.
Site area: 12,000 m2, Floor area: 21,000 m2, 4 floors, basement
An outlet shopping mall renovated & expanded to 170 stores.
Site area: 31,945 m2, Floor area: 53,200 m2, 3 floors
SpringHyatt Regency Yokohama
A hotel located near Chinatown and Yamashita Park with restaurants, bar lounge, gym, and banquet halls.
22 floors, basement, Hotel: 315 rooms
SpringBillboard Live YOKOHAMA
A live music restaurant and club to launch in the Tower Yokohama Kitanaka complex.
300 seats, Total Store Area: 1,000 m2
Jun.New City Hall of Yokohama
A City Hal which houses a commercial facility with a book café and food court on the lower floors.
Floor area: 13,500 m2, 32 floors, 2 basement floors
Jun.The Kahala Hotel & Resort Yokohama /
A luxury brand hotel Kahara, the second one after Hawaii, established with The Bay Court, a members-only hotel.
Site area: 9,500 m2, Floor area: 48,000 m2, 14 floors, basement,, Hotel: Kahala 146 rooms, Bay Court 138 rooms
SummerSotetsu Fresa Inn Yokohama-Higashiguchi
A business hotel with restaurants and a convenience store.
Site area: 1,300 m2, Floor area: 7100 m2, 14 floors, Hotel: 283 rooms
SummerYokohama Ring Expressway North-West Line
An expressway which connects the Tomei Expressway (from Yokohama Aoba IC) to the Daisan Keihin.
7.1 km
SummerJR Yokohama Tower /
JR Yokohama Tsuruyacho Building
A large development project for Yokohama Station with commercial facilities, movie theater, sports facilities, and a hotel.
<JR Yokohama Tower> Floor area: 98,000 m2, 26 floors, 3 basement floors
<JR Yokohama Tsuruyacho Building> Floor area: 31,500 m2, 9 floors, Hotel: 170 rooms
Jul.20 - Aug.9, 2020Floating Hotel (Cruise ship “Sun Princess”)
A floating hotel with the capacity of 36,000 persons during TOKYO 2020.
77,441 tons, Passenger capacity: 2,022
Sep.Murata Manufacturing Minatomirai Innovation Center
A R&D center for Murata Manufacturing Company with an interactive science area.
Site area: 7,415 m2, Floor area: 65,600 m2, 18 floors, 2 basement floors
Oct. 2020
(period of one year)
A full-scale, movable Gundum figure from the popular Japanese anime Mobile Suit Gundum.
18 m in hight
2020Yokohama Ring Expressway South Line
An expressway that will traverse southern Yokohama (Kanazawa, Sakae, and Totsuka Wards) from east to west.
8.9 km


Mar."CIAL Sakuragicho Annex /
A new exit at the south of JR Sakuragicho Station. The building complex houses commercial facilities and a hotel.
Site area: 2,000 m2, Floor area: 10,000 m2, 12 floors, Hotel: 274 rooms
An 8-seater gondola which connects JR Sakuragicho Station and Unga Park by 2 to 3 minutes.
Total length of 630 m, 30 to 40 m high above sea-level
Apr.Kanagawa University Minato Mirai Campus
A new campus with three faculties, a library, multi-purpose hall, and restaurants.
Floor area: 46,000 m2, 21 floors, basement, Multi-purpose hall: 400 seats
Jun.URBANNET Yokohama Building
A building which houses shops, hotel, and aprartments.
Floor area: 13,833 m2, 19 floors, 2 basement floors, Hotel: 7,283 m2
Nov.LG Global R&D Center
A R&D center for LG Electronics with an entertainment facilities and an interactive space.
Floor area: 37,000 m2, 17 floors, basement
AutumnYokohama Gate Tower
An office building which houses commercial facilities with a spherical planetarium and restaurant.
Site area: 9,300 m2, Floor area: 80,000 m2, 21 floors, basement


Mar.Amusement Park YOKOHAMA COSMOWORLD (renovation)
A renovation and expansion of an amusement park with Ferris wheel and restaurants.
Site area: 5600 m2, Floor area: 6,800 m2, 4 floors
Apr.Kanto Gakuin University new Kannnai Campus
A new campus with three faculties, a café, and a sporting facility.
Floor area: 2,600 m2, 17 floors, 2 basement floors
Apr.Yokohama Marine Tower (renovation)
A renovation of the observatory deck with a new bar and restauratns.
May.The Westin Yokohama
A hotel managed by Marriott International with restaurants, banquet hall, and a gym. Also houses a hotel for long term stays.
Floor area: 64,700 m2, 24 floors, Westin Hotel: 373 rooms, Long term stay hotel: 201 rooms
Nov.Yokohama Minato Mirai Hall (renovation)
A renovation of the concert hall. The hall will be made barrier-free with universal toilets and upgraded equipments.


Mar.Shin-Tsunashima Station (Sotetsu Toyoko Link Line)
A link line between Sotetsu and Toyoko Line with a new railway station and commercial facilities.
Link line: 10 km, Complex building Site area: 12,000 m2, Floor area: 37,247 m2, 28 floors, basement
Mar.Minato Mirai 21 Central District 37 Development Project
A building which houses commercial facilities, conference rooms, a co-working space, offices, and a hotel.
Floor area: 122,000 m2, 28 floors, basement, Hotel: floors 20 to 28
SpringTsuzuki Ward Cultural Center
A building which houses a multi-purpose hall, offices, and a R&D centers.
Floor area: 55,000 m2, Culture center: 4 floors, basement, Commercial facitliy: 7 floors, 2 baesement fl.
Sep.Yokohama Museum of Art (renovation)
A renovation of the Art Museum scheduled to reopen for the Yokohama Triennale in 2023.
Oct.K Arena Project “Music Park”
A large scale concert arena with a capacity of 20,000 persons, a hotel, offices, and an exhibition center.
<K Arena> Floor area: 33,000 m2, 5 floors, 20,000 seats, <Hotel> Floor area: 19,000 m2, 21 floors, 320 rooms <Exhibition facility> Floor area: 530 m2, 2 floors
Nov.Complex Building (in front of Shintakashima Station, Minato Mirai Line)
The two office buildings which house a R&D center for YAMAHA, and other companies.
Site area: 20,000 m2, Floor area: 180,000 m2


Apr.Yokohama United Arena
A multi-purpose arena for sporting evetns and concerts with a hotel and commercial facilities.
Floor area: 15,500 m2, 3 floors, 5,000 seats
Dec.Yokohama North-west
Tsuruyacho Building
A building complex that houses apartments, medical mall, and a hotel that supports several languages.
Site area: 6,700 m2, Floor area: 80,000 m2, 44 floors, 2 basement floors, Hotel:floors 7 to 13


2025Redevelopment of Yamashita Pier “Harbor Resort”
A framework for the redevelopment of Yamashita Pier. Culture, art, entertainment, and lodging facilities.
47 ha


Mar. to Sep. 2027
(in bidding process)
International Horticultural Exhibition (in bidding process)
A proposed venue for the International Horticultural Exhibition in 2027. (in the bidding process)
80 to 100 ha


2030Shin-Honmoku Pier
A terminal capable of docking two container ships at once with a shipping storage lot.
1st stage development: 40 ha (storage), 2nd stage development: 100 ha (terminal)
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