Yokohama Photo Library Terms of Use

Article 1. (Definitions)

These Terms of Use (hereinafter referred to as “the Terms”) define important matters concerning the handling of the “Yokohama Photo Library” (hereinafter referred to as “the Photo Library”), which is operated by Yokohama City Visitors Bureau (hereinafter referred to as “the YCVB”).

Article 2. (Intended Use)

The use of all image data listed on the Photo Library (hereinafter referred to as “the image data”) is limited to what is recognized as activities that convey the appeal of Yokohama city, improve Yokohama’s brand image, or contribute to the promotion of MICE tourism, etc. in Yokohama.

Article 3. (Permission for Use)

  • 1. Upon the use of any image data, the user must accept these Terms of Use and request permission for use to the YCVB through the designated online application form.
  • 2. The use of image data is free of charge.
  • 3. When using the image data for publication of printed materials such as magazines or posting on websites, or for any other similar type of use, the user must clearly specify the following credit line:“Photo credit: Yokohama Visitors Guide”
  • 4. After using the image data, the user agrees to send a copy of the magazine or issued publication to the YCVB. (Sending a PDF file of the corresponding part alone where the image has been published is also acceptable. In the case of a website, the user is to provide the website URL.)

Article 4. (Handling of image data)

Upon approval for use, the image data is limited for a one-time use only. The user needs to reapply for permission every time there is any difference from the already approved type of use, even if it is for reprinting or any other similar purpose.

Article 5. (Restrictions)

The acts listed below constitute specific prohibited uses of the image data. In case the user commits any of the prohibited acts, the YCVB shall withdraw the approval given and shall request the collection and destruction of the image data at the user’s expense. Furthermore, if the YCVB determines that there is a serious violation in the way of use, then the YCVB may take legal action.

  • (1) Performs secondary use of the image data, or transfers, rents, sales the image data to a third party,
  • (2) Damages the impression of the image data, or makes changes to the image data that may damage its impression,
  • (3) Products and sales articles which commercial value depends on the image data itself. (such as selling postcards, calendars, digital data collections, etc.)
  • (4) Uses the image data for illegal or deceptive acts, or acts that defame the YCVB and the subject portrayed in the images, or commits acts against public order and the moral,
  • (5) Uses the image data for political activities, religious activities, advocacy ads, or other similar activities
  • (6) Uses the image data for other purposes that the YCVB recognizes as not appropriate.

Article 6. (Rights)

The YCVB owns the copyright of all images. However, the YCVB does not hold other rights like portrait rights or trademark rights in relation to the subjects portrayed in the images. With respect to the latter rights, the user needs to deal with the necessary procedures when negotiating a permission.

Article 7. (Disclaimer)

The YCVB, as well as groups and facilities portrayed in the images, are not responsible at all for any loss and damage suffered by the user in relation to the use of image data listed in the photo library.
Furthermore, the YCVB will not be liable for any damage of any kind arising from the change of available images, interruption or termination of the photo library itself.

Article 8. (Handling of Personal Information)

All personal information collected when requesting use of the photo library will be handled properly and in accordance with the “Rules on Personal Information Protection of Yokohama City Visitors Bureau”, which the YCVB has already established.

Article 9. (Change to Terms of Use)

The YCVB reserves the right to change these Terms of Use without notice, in case of enaction, change or abolition of laws, etc.

Article 10. (Miscellaneous)

Any matters not specified in these Terms of Use, shall be discussed separately between the user and the YCVB.

Supplementary Provisions (Enforcement date)

These Terms of Use are put into effect since July 3, 2019.