Incentive Support

Planning the Perfect Incentive Tour
in Yokohama with YCVB

Your time in Japan and that of your event or incentive-tour participants is valuable, and YCVB takes pride in helping you make the most of it. Yokohama is always a rewarding city to visit, but it can be even more so if you effectively orient your activities around the issues and topics you are passionate about.

What support does YCVB offer for Meetings
and Incentive Tours in Yokohama?

Through its extensive support, YCVB can help companies maximize the benefits of their meeting and incentive programs in the top global-event destination—Yokohama.

Effective Networking

We can introduce event organizers to local venues for meetings, award ceremonies, accommodation, travel services, on-site operational support, supplies procurement, and more.

Local Entertainment

The bureau can suggest ideas and make introductions for adding authentic traditional and contemporary entertainment to your event.
Discover a wealth of Entertainment Ideas to get you started.

Media Strategy

YCVB can provide organizers with digital and printed information and data to prepare any materials you may need for your event. We can also supply maps of Yokohama for getting around the city and branded merchandise to make your event distinctive and memorable.

Tourism Recommendations

We can recommend tourism sights in and around the city that coincide with the particular interests of your attendees, including suggestions for tours before or after your event. For first-time visitors to Yokohama, the Official Visitors’ Guide has all the information you will need on tourism in and around the city. OfficialVisitors Guide