Exploring Yokohama with Cyclopolitain

Exploring Yokohama with Cyclopolitain

Yokohama sightseeing by eco-friendly cab

Explore Yokohama by Bicycle Taxi “Cyclopolitain”! Participants will tour sightseeing spots from the urban Minato Mirai area to the Nihon Odori Avenue and Yamashita Park area, lined with buildings that have been preserved since the opening of the port while interacting with citizen drivers.

What is a cyclopolitain?

While three-wheeled cabs, such as Vietnam’s “cyclo” and Thailand’s “tuk-tuk,” are a well-known tradition in Southeast Asian countries, Cyclopolitain was launched in France in 2003 as a next-generation eco-friendly cab, combining the three-wheeled bicycle cab “cyclo” and the word “metropolitain” (citizen). 

Sustainability Solutions

A carbon neutral ride experience that emits no carbon dioxide!

Because they are bicycle cabs, they do not emit greenhouse gases.
Experience a new way of touring the city through a ride in an eco-friendly cab.

Interaction with citizen drivers

A citizen driver with excellent customer service skills will welcome you.
Enjoy the beautiful night view of Yokohama while the driver guides you.

To Chinatown Area

Yokohama has one of the largest Chinatowns in the world with over 600 stores! Participants are able to learn not only about Chinese food but also Chinese culture.
Moreover, participants can freely enjoy Chinatown and enjoy eating and shopping for \2,000 with “Yokohama Chinatown Eating and Shopping Coupon.” which is included in this program.

Original wrap design available

Convention names, logos, etc. can be optionally printed to the vehicle body.

Experience time



Including time to explore Chinatown

Maximum number of participants