Yokohama Mobile Yoga

Yokohama Mobile Yoga
Yokohama Mobile Yoga
Yokohama Mobile Yoga
Yokohama Mobile Yoga

Anytime and anywhere,
Yoga experience to feel the port city of Yokohama

This is a yoga program unique to the port city of Yokohama that can refresh participants’ body and mind by utilizing sound of waves, images, aromas, and other elements. The program can be enjoyed both in outdoor and inside locations from parks to conference rooms and/or exhibition halls.
It is an easy way for participants to get healthy and calm during meetings, when they are often surrounded by too much information.

Sustainability Solutions

Resolve health-related issues such as lack of exercise during visits and meetings

This program is designed to relieve stiffness and fatigue from the body and mind caused by change of one’s surroundings in the meeting destination and long hours of seating during meetings. Please consider this not only for its relaxing effect, but also as a health promotion program for participants.

No worries for the first time Yoga participants

Basic yoga poses and breathing techniques will be explained in detail.
No need to bring a yoga mat or change of clothes.
The instructor will suggest the content of the class depending on your level, such as using a chair.

Relaxation and concentration enhancement

Meditation is also included in this program to reset their thoughts and control their mind. It is expected to enhance the ability to concentrate after the experience. Past participants have commented that they “felt relaxed” and “seemed to be able to concentrate on the convention.

Experience time



Including time for the instructor’s greeting and introduction

Expected number of participants



Please be noted that the number of people that can be accommodated will vary depending on the size of the venue. Please allow at least 4 square meters of space per person, as yoga mats will be rolled out.