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Company Outline

In 1872, Shiseido opened its doors in Ginza. The family business that started out as Japan’s first Western-style pharmacy transformed into a global beauty giant that currently operates in approximately 120 countries and regions around the world. Shiseido’s history and tradition is characterized by a long string of innovations and category firsts that have repeatedly set new standards and whose effects have rippled across the entire beauty industry. 150 years later, our commitment to innovation is as steadfast as ever. Based in Japan, we aim to transcend borders and boundaries and venture beyond the cosmetics business to realize Beauty Innovations through the creation of unique products, delivering new values and actively contributing to the happiness of our customers across the globe through beauty.

Facility introduction

Shiseido Global Innovation Center (S/PARK) is a beauty experience complex that opened in April 2019 at Minatomirai District in Yokohama, Japan.
Located on the first and second floors of the Shiseido research institute, it is open to the public under the theme of "Place to Encounter Inspirations of Beauty".
On the first floor, there is the S/PARK Cafe, where you can enjoy delicious and healthy meals according to your daily feeling and physical condition, the S/PARK Studio, where you can experience Active Beauty through original programs developed by Shiseido researchers.
At the S/PARK Beauty Bar, visitors can freely try out the product testers from various Shiseido brands at Cosmetic Table. In addition, visitors can also experience called the Personalized Skincare Service in which Shiseido researchers deeply measure and analyze the skin to customize your own lotion and emulsion, to book in advance, paid, and domestic delivery only.
On the second floor is S/PARK Museum, an experience-based museum with free admission. While self-touring the floor, visitors can think about beauty through various questions displayed and interactive exhibits related to beauty and learn about the cutting-edge technology that are constantly being developed, through the many displays exclusive to the Shiseido research institute.
Through many encounters and various experiences with these contents, S/PARK will provide visitors and our researchers with “inspirations of beauty," which will lead to future innovations and new values.

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    Shiseido Co.,Ltd

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    Shiseido Global Innovation Center (S/PARK)

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