Sustainable Morning Activities at Sankeien

Sustainable Morning Activities at Sankeien

Quiet morning, escape from the hustle and bustle of the city

Enjoy an early morning guided walk in the Yokohama’s authentic Japanese garden for private use only for your group. The participants will learn about the sustainability of this important cultural asset, which has been preserved in Japan. In addition, they will experience mindfulness in a Zen atmosphere at a special venue.

What is Sankeien Garden?

Opened in 1906 on a vast site with the size of 175,000 square meters, 17 historical buildings collected from Kyoto, Kamakura, and other places are carefully arranged in the park’s rich natural setting. The garden has been repeatedly renovated and carefully maintained. This is a sightseeing spot where one can experience authentic Japanese culture.

Sustainability Solutions

Learn the importance of preserving and maintaining cultural assets

Focusing on “sustainable” tourist attractions that have maintained their buildings and gardens, participants will experience with all five senses the meaning and importance of preserving cultural assets.
This is a valuable opportunity to learn about the difficulties of proper conservation and maintenance.

Sankeien Garden for private use!

A staff from Sankeien Garden will give you a special and private guided tour in a early morning. The tour will be held in a quieter environment with no other participants.

Mindfulness to calm the mind

Mindfulness (meditation) after walking has the effect of calming the mind, relieving stress, improving concentration, and making you less distracted by others and even yourself.

Kanagawa Breakfast (optional)

After calming down, participants will be able to have “Kanagawa Breakfast” in a special bento box, which is prepared with local production for local consumption in mind and normally offered exclusively to guests of the Yokohama Bay Sheraton Hotel & Towers.

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