Plastic Fishing at Minato Mirai SUP

Let’s view Yokohama from the surface of the river!

SUP (Stand Up Paddle) is a popular marine sport where you stand on a board and paddle forward. This is a program that contributes to the local community by collecting plastic trash from the river while enjoying the unique riverside scenery of Yokohama.

Sustainability Solutions

Play part in protecting Yokohama’s rivers

The Ooka River which flows through the heart of city to the Port of Yokohama carries litters. The activities of collecting plastic waste will lead to the improvement of the local environment.

Beginners welcome!

On land, the instructor will give them a lecture on how to ride and paddle. The explanation is easy-to-understand and beginners will receive safety assistance. They do not have to prepare any equipment.

Experience at sunrise time

By starting the program at sunrise when the waves are calm, participants can paddle to the PACIFICO Yokohama area, which is normally inaccessible by SUP.

Raising awareness of the river environment

After the experience, participants will discuss their own experiences and impressions with the instructor and exchange opinions on the future of the river environment.

Experience time
150 minites

Including time for introduction and discussion

Maximum number of participants
up to 20 people